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“KREA 2023: A Celebration of Innovation at Shaanthi School’s Science Fair”

The halls of Shaanthi School in Jothinagar buzzed with excitement and the spirit of discovery on the 27th of November, 2023, as they hosted the much-anticipated “KREA 2023” Science Fair. It was a day where young minds converged to showcase their ingenuity and scientific acumen through a multitude of innovative science projects.

Students from various grades participated with great enthusiasm, presenting their projects which spanned a wide range of scientific phenomena. Noteworthy among these were the nail-chair and the floating head exhibits which captured the visitors’ imaginations. The nail-chair, an artful combination of physics and design, illustrated the concept of pressure distribution, allowing a person to sit on a bed of nails without harm. The floating head exhibit, a clever use of optical illusion techniques, fascinated onlookers as it seemingly hovered in mid-air.

The fair was not only about demonstrations but also about interactive learning experiences. A medical camp conducted by the students allowed visitors to have their Body Mass Index (BMI) checked, providing a practical insight into health and wellness. Moreover, the students took the opportunity to educate the visitors on the myriad uses of herbal plants, highlighting the importance of natural remedies and the wealth of knowledge in traditional practices.

The creativity of the students was on full display through the beautiful handicrafts they crafted. Parents and visitors perused these creations, appreciating the dexterity and artistic skills of the students. It was evident that every project and piece of art had a story, a testament to the hard work and dedication poured into them.

The successful event was a result of the collaborative effort of the entire Shaanthi School community. The Principal and the Management extended their heartfelt appreciation to the students for their impressive displays of talent and to the teachers for their unwavering support and guidance in making KREA 2023 a remarkable and memorable science fair.

As the day drew to a close, it was clear that KREA 2023 had been a triumphant celebration of learning, innovation, and community spirit. It is events like these that underscore the importance of hands-on learning experiences and the joy of discovery in the educational journey of students.

Shaanthi School’s KREA 2023 Science Fair has truly set a benchmark for what young minds can achieve when their curiosity is nurtured and their creativity is encouraged. Here’s looking forward to what KREA 2024 will bring!

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