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Kindergarten Summer Camp 2024 -Mahalingapuram

An exclusive Summer camp for Kindergarteners is waiting, and the fun is just beginning!

The ultimate way to beat the boredom and make the most of their vacation!

Activities @ the camp

Sloka and Bhajans

Teaching Sloka and Bhajans to  kindergarteners contribute to their holistic development, encompassing cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional,  and spiritual aspects, while also fostering a sense of cultural identity and belonging. Our 12 sessions include teaching simple slokas and bhajans.


Gardening instills a sense of environmental stewardship and teaches children the importance of caring for the Earth. Our 6 gardening sessions include germination, garden hunt, garden art, making bird feeder and natural manure and harvesting.

Outdoor/Indoor/Water play

“Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.” – On all 12 days of the camp, kids can explore the wonders of outdoor play, indoor play which is a treasure trove of creativity that includes every corner holding a new discovery and water play creating memories and laughter never ends

Art and Craft activities

Art and craft activities encourages children to think creatively and usetheir imagination to express themselves. It allows them to explore different media, colours, and textures, fostering creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Our 12 art and craft sessions include paper plate animals, wooden spoon art, pom pom ball craft, sponge painting, paper cup activity, salt dough creations, paper bracelet, sock puppets, paper carrot making, rainbow popsicle stick craft, cotton bunnies and groundnut shell art.

Cookery Activities

Successfully preparing a dish gives  kindergarteners a sense of accomplishment and boosts their     self-confidence. Our 6 cookery sessions include healthy nut balls, coconutty rice flakes mix, fruit salad with sprouts, veggie faces, bread moulds with butter and jaggery and orange juice for the Kids chefs.

Story telliing

Story telling evokes a range of emotions in children, allowing them to empathize with characters, relate to their experiences, and explore different feelings and perspectives. Through the 12-day long storytelling, kindergarteners learn to identify and express their emotions, develop empathy and compassion, and navigate social relationships

Let’s trade screen time for sunshine and virtual reality for real-life experiences!

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