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Science Laboratory

The school has a spacious laboratory complex comprising the Physics lab, Biology Lab, Chemistry Lab, Design & Technology Lab spanning to 3500 sq ft. The labs are well lit and equipped with all the apparatus. Students also have the choice of a large library of models and replicas to help them understand science phenomena better. The lab complex also houses a classroom area with boards and projectors where students can sit to learn the theories behind experiments. The lab is well maintained by competent staff and is always kept open during the school hours and evenings for students to use.

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Physics Laboratory

The Physics lab is well equipped and also has a design and technology lab wherein students can play with their ideas converting them to reality hands on. The physics lab also has a telescope to help students in visualising the celestial bodies. Lab extending to about 1000 sqft can accommodate more than 30 students.

Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry lab, extending to 1500 sq ft, is well equipped to handle 30 students at the same point in time. It also houses a separate store room for storage of chemicals and preparation of reagents and others. The tables are aesthetically and ergonomically designed to suit the students’ needs. The lab also has fume hoods, central gas and running water supply to all tables. The lab also houses an instructional area where students can write or listen to instructions. The laboratory is well maintained by technical staff and is open to students in the evenings as well.

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Computer Laboratory

Technological education contributes to learning in other areas of the curriculum by providing practical contexts and applications for the knowledge and skills acquired. Shaanthi provides a fully equipped computer laboratory for the students, where they can develop the necessary skills. The computer lab can accommodate 40 students at any point of time. The air conditioned lab is provided with UPS and Generator backups. A well-maintained intranet with high-speed dedicated internet lines help students in connecting with the world. The laboratory is open in the off-school hours for any interested student. The systems are constantly upgraded to keep abreast with the technological advances.  Children learn more from a hands-on direct approach than instructional theory. Well qualified staff members are always available to help students in their doubts.

Design & Technology Laboratory

D&T Lab is an innovation that facilitates schools with the best way of getting students to learn science by testing out scientific theories in a practical space with experiments, problem solving and project based activities being the crux of learning. Complementing the existing school lab, the D&T Lab is a perfect education supplement that provides students a practical learning experience through hands-on activities in Science and Technology. These activities are aligned to the concepts taught in school. The D&T Lab also exposes students to resources, tools, kits and activities that are otherwise not available in the regular curriculum of the school. Shaanthi has tied up with IKEN for a major part of the D&T Lab.

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