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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific academic or non-academic criteria that applicants need to meet for admission?

  • Meet age requirement.
  • Friendly interview with the principal.
  • Provide previous school records if attended.
  • Share health and immunization records if needed.

What is the age criterion for each class (Pre-KG, LKG, UKG), and what documents are needed for age verification?

  • Pre-KG: 3 years old, LKG: 4 years, UKG: 5 years.
  • • Verify with child’s birth certificate.

What is the student-teacher ratio in kindergarten classes, and how does the school ensure individualized attention?

  • Ratio is 10 students to 1 staff.
  • • Ensures individual attention.

What is the admission process, and when does it typically begin for Pre-KG, LKG, and UKG classes?

  • Fill inquiry form at school office.
  • Admission inquiries are welcome yearround.
  • Review of submitted form.
  • Evaluation scheduled for child.
  • Successful evaluation leads to admission steps.

Is it necessary for students to take an external bridge course before joining the school?

  • No external bridge courses recommended
  • Evaluation based on behaviour, interviews, parental involvement,special needs, and language proficiency.
  • Sibling/alumni preference considered.

When should the Admission enquiry forms be submitted to school?

Submit between January and May.

Can the fees be paid term wise?

  • Varies by grade level.
  • Contact school office for details.

Should we provide any reference for KG admission? Why?

  • Encouraged for better understanding.
  • Can come from current parents, alumni, or teachers.

What is the curriculum followed for kindergarten classes, and how does it prepare children for higher grades?

  • Montessori curriculum empowers students.
  • Prepares them for selfmanagement in higher grades.

What is the fee structure for Pre-KG, LKG, and UKG, including tuition fees and any additional charges?

We accept only single annual payments.

What are the school timings?

  • K0: 8:50 AM 12:00 PM
  • K1: 8:50 AM 3:20 PM
  • K2: 8:50 AM 3:30 PM
  • S1 and above: 8:50 AM 3:50 PM

Will the school provide uniforms and shoes?

  • School provides uniforms; parents buy shoes.
  • Kindergarteners don’t wear shoes for sensory development

Can you provide information on the school's infrastructure and facilities, particularly those relevant to kindergarten students?

  • Welldesigned classrooms with AV tools.
  • Expansive playgrounds for physical activities.

Are there any specific extracurricular activities or programs offered for kindergarten students to enhance their development?

  • Cookery, gardening, yoga, arts, and crafts.
  • Optional activities like Silambam, Archery, Skating, Robotics, Swimming, etc.

How do the parents get to know about the class and school happenings?

  • Open Class Days for progress updates.
  • Progress reports given.
  • Regular communication through school app and diary.

What is the best time to call and meet the principal and teachers?

  • Teachers: After classes, 3:45 PM 4:30 PM (with notice).
  • Principal: By appointment at the office, or in emergencies

How does the school handle health and safety concerns, such as medical emergencies and security on campus?

  • Sick room for immediate care.
  • CCTV cameras for security.
  • ID cards for secure pickup.