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Book wanderers – Embarking on Intellectual Journey

Library – Jothi Nagar

The school has a spacious fully equipped Library for teacher and student use. The library contains a wide selection of over 4000 fiction books for children ranging from kindergarten to standard 7. We have a varied range of non-fiction or information resources, including reference books, atlases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, videos, CDs, posters, games and puzzles. All these help the students pursue their literary skills and expand their knowledge. The library is kept open after school hours also.

Library – Periyakottai

With a charming glass ceiling pouring in an abundance of sunlight into a well-furnished reading hall designed for the comfort of our young readers, the library at the PER campus is a fun and convivial spot for the bookworms and the curious, the nerds and the thinkers. The library hosts a range of brilliant collections including fiction, non-fiction, encyclopedias, academic textbooks and more, for the easy access of students and teachers alike. It is open for students to access it any time of the day during school hours in addition to allotted library hours. If ever you visit our campus, don’t miss out on our humble but brainy abode of bookworms hunched over their books!

Nothing is Pleasanter  than Exploring  a Library