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Kindergarten Summer Camp 2024 -Mahalingapuram An exclusive Summer camp for Kindergarteners is waiting, and the fun is just beginning! The ultimate way to beat the boredom and make the most of their vacation! Activities @ the camp Sloka and Bhajans Teaching Sloka and Bhajans to  kindergarteners contribute to their holistic development, encompassing cognitive, linguistic, social,...
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The halls of Shaanthi School in Jothinagar buzzed with excitement and the spirit of discovery on the 27th of November, 2023, as they hosted the much-anticipated “KREA 2023” Science Fair. It was a day where young minds converged to showcase their ingenuity and scientific acumen through a multitude of innovative science projects. Students from various...
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Unity and Discipline NCC Raising Day Ceremony 2023 Shaanthi school in Jothi Nagar, Pollachi , witnessed a grand inauguration program for their NCC (National Caded corps)unit , which marked a significant moment for the institution. Arunan P.S of class VIII , welcomed the gathering. Jayalakshmi , the school’s Principal, delivered an address that resonated the...
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