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Science Club

 The Science Club, known as the “Eureka Enthusiasts,” often comes up with inventions that range from the spectacular to the hilariously impractical. They keep us guessing!

Drama Club

Drama queens and kings unite! The Drama Club could turn a mundane grocery list into a theatrical masterpiece, and their rehearsals often sound like Shakespearean soliloquies.

Hindi Literary Club

 The Hindi Literary Club, or the “Kahani Creators,” can make Hindi storytelling so captivating that you’d swear it was a Bollywood movie in the making.

Music Club

The Music Club, or the “Melody Mavens,” can turn any moment into a symphony. Don’t be surprised if your footsteps sync up with their rhythm.

Dance Club

The Dance Club, or as they affectionately call themselves, the “Groove Gurus,” are always one beat away from turning any hallway into a dance floor. Beware of spontaneous dance-offs!

English Literary Club

 If you ever need a story to be woven out of thin air, consult our English Literary Club. They  turn every sentence into a work of art and every book into a portal to another world.

Chess Club

 The Chess Club members are always a few moves ahead, both in the game and in life. They strategize their way through school, and checkmate is their favorite word.

Astronomy Club

Gazing at stars or arguing about whether Pluto should be a planet is a daily ritual for our Astronomy Club. They’ve even named their telescope “Star Snuggler.”

Eco Club

The Eco Club, or the “Nature Ninjas,” are on a mission to save the planet. They talk to plants, recycle air, and believe that one day, trees will talk back.

Interact Club

The Interact club is like a social blender, mixing our students’ enthusiasm with community service.They’re so good at giving back, they’ve considered renaming themselves “The Generosity Gurus.”

Tamil Literary Club

Our Tamil Literary Club is where students dive deep into the ocean of words, surf on metaphors, and often end up speaking in rhymes even when ordering lunch.

Video and Photography Club

If you spot a group huddled around something fascinating, don’t be surprised if it’s justour Video and Photography Club capturing the world’s next viral sensation.

Maths Club

Our Maths Club members are so good with numbers that they can recite pi to a thousand decimal places andcalculate the probability of finding a unicorn in the school courtyard.

Arts and Crafts Club

Our Arts and Crafts Club can turn a handful of paperclips and a shoelace into a masterpiece.They’re the “Crafty Connoisseurs.”

Cricket Club

The Cricket Club doesn’t just play cricket; they live it. They’ve even convinced the cafeteria to serve cricket-shaped cookies!

Sports Club

 The Sports Club takes competition to the next level. You’ll often hear chants of “Go, team, go!” echoing through the halls.