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Shaanthi Montessori-Mahalingapuram

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Tamil Mani nagar, 


Pollachi, INDIA.

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Shaanthi Montessori

The architecture of our Shaanthi international Play school at Mahalingapuram, Pollachi, stands as a testament to human ingenuity and aesthetic finesse. The school building adorned with clay roof tiles and glass facades, reflect a harmonious fusion of modern design and timeless elegance. The grandeur of the structures is softened by the warmth that emanates from the smiling faces of students, teachers, and staff who call this place their second home. Inside the classrooms, a vibrant energy permeates the air along with ample sunlight. Our school’s commitment to holistic education is mirrored in its extracurricular offerings. Our international play school offers ample opportunities for children to engage in cooperative play, building essential social bonds and learning the values of empathy, respect, and kindness. Through group activities, children learn to collaborate, communicate, and appreciate the diverse perspectives of their peers. Outdoor play is an integral part of the Montessori experience. Our spacious playground is a haven for little adventurers, providing them with opportunities to develop gross motor skills, build physical strength, and explore the wonders of nature. From climbing structures to sandpits, Shaanthians can unleash their energy and connect with the world around them.

At our international school, the swimming pool is not just a place for leisurely laps but also a hub of vibrant aquatic activities. Our experienced swimming instructors curate a comprehensive aquatic curriculum, catering to all skill levels and interests. From early childhood water confidence programs to advanced competitive training, each Shaanthian is encouraged to dive into a journey of selfdiscovery and growth.

Principal's Quote

Mrs.Gayathri Rajarajan
Principal - Primary

Together ,we shall create nurturing haven where knowledge blossoms and character flourishes. Just as each child is a masterpiece in progress,we, as educators,are the artists who carefully brush strokes of wisdom,compassion and resilience onto the canvas of every Shaanthian’s life.

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