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Kutty Corps installation 2023

Kutty Corps Raising Day 2023

Celebrating Kutty corps Raising Day at Shaanthi schools, Pollachi

Shaanthi schools in Pollachi recently marked a momentous occasion with the grand celebration of Kutty Corps Raising Day. The vibrant event, held on 02.09.2023 , brought together students, faculty and parents to commemorate the establishment of Kutty Corps and its valuable contributions to the school Community.

Kutty Corps, a unique initiative at Shaanthi schools, was established with the aim of fostering leadership skills, teamwork, and community engagement among the younger students. The Raising Day event showcased the achievements and growth of Kutty Corps since its inception,highlighting the positive impact it has had on the school environment.

The Day commenced with a ceremonial flag hoisting, symbolizing the spirit of unity and leadership instilled by Kutty Corps. students , adorned in their corps uniforms, proudly stood as a testament to their commitment to service and excellence. The event was graced by school dignitaries, who commended the efforts of the Kutty corps in shaping responsible and disciplined individuals.

During the assembly , the school secretary Shaanthi Singaravel and the Director Mrs. R. Sucharitha delivered an inspiring speech highlighting the importance of cultivating leadership skills from a young age.

The Kutty Corps Initiative:

The Kutty Corps initiative at shaanthi schools is a unique program designed to foster leadership, teamwork, and community engagement among the younger students. This initiative aims to instill sense of responsibility and belongingness in the children, nurturing their overall development beyond academics.

Highlights of the Raising Day Celebration:
  1. Showcasing Talents : The Celebration featured various performances, including dance,music and skits, showcasing the diverse talents of the Kutty Corps members.. This not only entertained the audience but also emphasized the importance of creativity and self-expression.
  2. Leadership Acknowledgments : Outstanding leadership qualities were recognized and acknowledged during the event. Students who demonstrated exemplary leadership within the Kutty corps were applauded for their dedication and positive influence on their peers.
  3. Community Service Projects : The Kutty Corps Raising Day also highlighted the impact of community service projects. initiated by the students. From environmental initiatives to outreach programs, These young leaders demonstrated their commitment to making a positive difference in the community.

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