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History of Shaanthi

History of Shaanthi

Born in 1992 as a modest crèche in a rented premise in Mahalingapuram, Shaanthi School has grown into a family of institutions today with a futuristic vision. It was founded with the ethos of providing a conducive environment for children to assemble a strong foundation to further their education. In the initial stage, it functioned as a playschool in different rented premises before moving into the Mahalingapuram campus. Motivated by the growing welcome and appreciation from the public, the school has since grown and expanded steadily into what it is today. Over the past three decades, the group has evolved into an efficient network that is dedicated to fine-tuning the focus of students and teachers towards harnessing their maximum potential together as a team.

The curriculum and pedagogy have been designed to fulfill our core values and is a sincere and harmonious blend of the best. The school offers a structured and accelerated academic program for students who are motivated and eager to learn. Class strength is maintained at a minimum, enabling academic cohesiveness while also accommodating individual academic needs. Standards of excellence are fostered in a supportive and nurturing habitat that allows the expression of personal excellence in both students and teachers.

The Shaanthi Group of Institutions now comprises:

Shaanthi Montessori School, Mahalingapuram, Pollachi
Shaanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Jothi Nagar, Pollachi
Shaanthi Montessori School, UKP Natraj Nagar, Udumalpet
Shaanthi International GCSE School, Periyakottai, Udumalpet

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Jothi Nagar Campus

Modern Rice Mill Road,
Jothi Nagar,Pollachi – 641 001

Phone: +91 82200 59980
E-Mail : [email protected]

Mon-Sat  8.30 A.M – 3.50 P.M