+91 82200 59980 Apply now
+91 82200 59980 Apply now
About Us

Vision, Mission & Ethos


To be a premier school with a joyful, vibrant and caring community of innovative students, effective teachers and supportive parents

  • We believe in delivering an all-inclusive educational experience in a healthy ambience which seeks to bring out the potential of every student to the fullest, to develop in them a strong character by nurturing them to be lifelong learners, and to encourage them to be useful contributors to society.
  • We aim to keep pace with contemporary challenges by introducing new approaches to engage students in the learning process.
  • We endeavour to equip students with the necessary tools to empower themselves for their intellectual and emotional growth, and to help them sustain as independent personalities in a dynamic world.
  • We strive to satisfy the individual needs of all students with methods that suit their capabilities, as we understand that each child is unique and distinctive.
  • We promote a safe and positive environment for the students to thrive in and acquire the skills necessary for life and learning.
  • Provide a challenging learning climate to improve student achievement
  • Contribute to a cheerful and comfortable environment
  • Meet students’ physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs
  • Nurture joyful, lifelong learners
  • Promote the physical wellbeing of each student
  • Practise the principles of good citizenship
  • Develop a positive self-identity in every student
  • Encourage creative approaches to solving problems
  • Involve parents in their children’s education
  • Strive for achieving international standards
  • Work with an innovative approach

Contact Info

Jothi Nagar Campus

Modern Rice Mill Road,
Jothi Nagar,Pollachi – 641 001

Phone: +91 82200 59980
E-Mail : [email protected]

Mon-Sat  8.30 A.M – 3.50 P.M