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Shaanthi Montessori-Udumalpet

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UKP  Nagar, 

Udumalpet, INDIA.

Phone: +91 82200 59983.

Shaanthi Montessori

Welcome to the magical world of Shaanthi Montessori Play School, where learning and imagination come together to create a nurturing environment for young minds to flourish. Our school nestled at UKPN nagar, in Udumalpet, is a place where children embark on a journey of selfdiscovery, exploration, and joyful learning. At our Montessori Play School, we understand that every child is unique, and we celebrate their individuality. Our experienced and dedicated teachers are passionate about fostering a love for learning in each child there by providing personalized attention,guiding and supporting the children as they navigate through various activities and experiences.

Our vibrant classrooms have an array of carefully curated materials designed to engage and stimulate young minds. From colorful puzzles that enhance problemsolving skills to sensory play areas that awaken curiosity, our environment is thoughtfully crafted to cater to the developmental needs of Shaanthians.

One of the cornerstones of Montessori education is the freedom of choice. We believe that children learn best when they have the autonomy to explore their interests at their own pace. In our play school, children have the freedom to select activities that capture their attention, fostering a sense of independence and selfconfidence.

In addition to academic pursuits, we place great importance on character development and social skills. Our play school offers ample opportunities for children to engage in cooperative play, building essential social bonds and learning the values of empathy, respect, and kindness. Through group activities, children learn to collaborate, communicate, and appreciate the diverse perspectives of their peers.

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Principal - Primary

 A cornerstone of Montessori philosophy is the belief in the child’s intrinstic ability to learn and develop.The role of our Montessori Play School is to cultivate an environment that provides fertile ground for children’s holistic growth,where their natural talents and abilities can thrive.

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