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Extra-Curricular Activities


The school offers a plethora of extracurricular activities such as Karate, Yoga, Swimming, Dance, Music, Chess, Silambam, Skating Key board, Craft work, Art work, Rifle shooting under the paid category on week days and Book free days.

Students shall opt for their preferred extra-curricular activities by registering their names well in advance before the start of each term. Fees if any for such activities  shall be paid for a minimum period of one term. Students shall avail extra-curricular activities only after the complete payment of the fees for that particular term.

Extra-curricular activities are available from Class S1. Extra-curricular activities are conducted during  the school working hours for classes S1 and S2 and after school hours for the other classes. A range of other Extra-curricular activities like Drama, Spoken English, Electronics, Audio-visuals, Sports, and Games, Club Activities, Gardening, Projects shall be offered by the school. Interested students from Classes S1 are welcome to try out these activities by registering their names at the start of the year.



A weapon-based Indian martial art is also taught under extra-curricular activity.This helps to improve body flexibility and reflexive movement of joints and muscles.


Being self-defensive aids in the development of self-confidence, which is very essential in the early stages for which karate is a major tool.We offer Karate classes twice a week which is optional.

Rifle Shooting

Rifle shooting inculcates a sense of discipline with a major boost to self confidence levels. Rifle shooting is offered once a week for interested students.

Dance and Music

Dance and Music  the major art forms of the Indian Culture are also a part of our curriculum . Interested students are welcome to avail this opportunity. Dance is taught in both the western and classical streams.


To improve the analytical skills in children Chess is being offered at the school. Chess tournaments are also hosted on a regular basis in the school.


Instrumental music in both Classical and Western streams are available for interested children from Class S1 to S12.


Offered as an extra-curricular activity for all classes from S2 on wards.