Our classroom are lively and vibrant.  The environment is merely spacious thus providing a comfortable circle.

Each classroom has excellent resources for students and teachers. Students also have individual cloak facilities to store their belongings. Each child is provided with a comfortable individual desk and chair adjusted to his height. Teachers are provided with raised platforms in each class. Each class also boasts of ceramic green boards placed at higher levels for the proper view of all students. Classrooms are also provided with curtains on windows to enhance digital projection. A high speed dedicated internet is also available for each class.

The classrooms are complemented by an extensive library, science labs, computer labs, eco-gardens, rooms for large group activities and outdoor playgrounds.  Playground facilities include large playgrounds, long tricycle tracks, wading pool for children, play-parks with a variety of slides, climbers, glides and platforms, and a wide variety of other play equipment such as swings, see-saws, merry-go-rounds etc.

Kindergarten Section

The kindergarten section with its purpose built early childhood classrooms provides a safe, exciting and a stimulating educational beginning for our younger students.