Shaanthi Logo

The logo of Shaanthi shows a multicolour flame from an earthen lamp encompassed by an arc.

The earthen lamp apart from symbolizing simplicity, elementariness, heritage, Spirituality and Profoundness, also symbolizes that we are firmly rooted to the ground, integral with practical realities of Life. It also symbolizes every  idea, thing or thought has to sprout from the basic fundamentals. 

The flame that arises from the centre of the lamp symbolizes purity and perfection. The multicolour in the flame portrays the diversity in life and the importance of learning to accept and respect different hues of culture, belief and background. All these colours when blending harmoniously depict the beauty in oneness of all.  The flame always reaches up howsoever, where so ever and in what so ever angle it is placed. This symbolizes the positive attitude that one should have towards life.

The arc that encompasses the flame into a circle depicts compassion towards fellowmen and a holistic approach one should take towards all endeavors in life.